Super Affiliate System Review: Is The Course Worth it?

super affiliate system review

As everyone seeks to achieve their financial goals in style, many hope to accelerate towards a futuristic economy based on passionate self-employment.

The internet world has created a pool of opportunities where anyone anywhere can unleash their full potential.

When success is the only choice, and you want to start a business that require little to no investment, affiliate marketing is exactly what you need to make money online.

Affiliate marketing, however fancy it may sound, isn’t a walk in the park. It follows a careful procedure that requires patience, smart work, and dedication.

From the many affiliate programs we have in the market, I choose to review the Super Affiliate System for many reasons — all of which you’ll get to see for yourself in the coming sections.

Before I get started, it’s important to hint that this article has been written purposefully to help you make the right decisions.

The internet is full of “work at home” scams, and choosing the right affiliate marketing course may just be the key you need to achieve success.

Whether you’re fascinated about affiliate marketing, or you’re just stretching to see what this part of life has in store for you

The Super Affiliate System by John Crestani is the framework you need as an Entrepreneur to guarantee success.

What is Super Affiliate System 3.0?

Super Affiliate System 3.0

If you’re new to the world of affiliate marketing, you could be asking yourself, “what is the Super Affiliate System, or what is SAS all about?”

Well, it is an affiliate marketing course with emphasis on paid traffic. That’s right!

John Crestani created this program to teach people how to do affiliate marketing from scratch using paid methods.

Hence it’s best for novice online marketers and outright beginners. It doesn’t, however, rule out the on-going affiliate marketers and those with top-notch skills from making a fortune out of it.

With six weeks of upfront training, coaching, and more than 50 hours of training videos, the program focus on instilling the basics and getting learners ready for an adventurous journey.

The Super Affiliate System was created by John Crestani, a veteran affiliate marketer who has been named a creative genius by his students and top brands like Forbes.

John Crestani’s affiliate marketing skills have been consistent over the years. He preaches the gospel of smart work and creating financial independence through proven systems.

Way back before it rebranded to SAS, John Crestani Internet Jetset was a household name for thousands of internet marketers who made a fortune from the affiliate system.

The current program is an upgraded version of Internet Jetset but with the same core values, principles and mission.

As one of the tested and accepted affiliate programs, the Super Affiliate System seeks to enlighten affiliate marketers and equip them with the relevant skills and tools needed to provide value to the marketing world while earning big in return.

You should know that the program doesn’t produce overnight millionaires, and neither is it interested in doing so.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Package

John Crestani’s affiliate course—the Super Affiliate System is as unique as it gets. The 6-week training covers six (6) essential topics.

To get an overview of what you will learn during the one and a half months duration, here is the breakdown below.

Week 1: System Setup

Week 2: Understanding the System

Week 3: Marketing Skills

Week 4: Facebook and Google Ads

super affiliate system campaigns

Week 5: YouTube and Native Ads

Week 6: Scaling and Automation

John Crestani’s course isn’t a rush through program since you need to familiarize yourself with the system and understand the concepts before you can be held accountable at every given step.

This type of learning enhances credibility, and the success rate is mind-blowing!

The other perks that come with Super Affiliate System membership include but not limited to weekly webinars and members-only forums. Below are the details.

An Active Community

As a member of the SAS community, you get free access to a private Facebook group composed of members only.

The group features questions and answers, updates to the training, and other resources you may require during/after the course of training.

John Crestani is an active member of the group. He helps learners by answering questions related to the course while guiding you through the affiliate marketing journey.

sas testimonial 3

Weekly Group (Live) Training

Members share ad campaigns with John in a 2-3 hours webinar session every Friday at 3 pm PST.

This live session comes with coaching and guidance where he answers general questions and mingles with members from all over the globe.

In this John Crestani’s Webinar, all levels of members, from newbies to experts, are all put into consideration.

John Crestani's Free Webinar Training

One of the ways John Crestani created trust in the affiliate marketing industry was to remove the price on his most-sought-after affiliate marketing webinar, which is now free for everyone.

In his webinar, he shares actionable steps and templates on how to start your own online business and get the freedom you deserve.

Even if you are not ready to buy the course, you can always register for John’s webinar to see some of the things the Super Affiliate System has to offer.

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani is a renowned online marketing expert in the niche of paid advertising.

He founded Internet Jetset now the Super Affiliate System and, he is also the CEO of Nutryst, a nutritional supplement affiliate network.

Super Affiliate System
John Crestani

Featured in Forbes magazine in the “under 30 Network” section, John Crestani has a reputation that well precedes him. He’s attracted a lot of attention since then, and many who knows his story have a reason to believe in financial independence.

Some of the other sites where he has been featured are; Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Inc., and ClickBank.

He’s also the author of Work at Home Secrets, a book that teaches you how NOT to fall victim to “work from home” scams, and has been featured by Scam Report.

Why the Super Affiliate System?

When you compare and contrast the  Super Affiliate System with other affiliate systems such as the super affiliate success system, it’s easy to understand why John Crestani is a creative genius.

With an easy-to-follow step-by-step training, this program summarizes everything you need to learn in only one and a half months. Most of his students started making sales under 24 hours!

Since you would be learning from someone who has done it first-hand, there’s so much trust and hope throughout the learning process.

The system setup is also user friendly, designed to accommodate both newbies and pro affiliates.

What I love (Pros)

What I Dislike (Cons)

Although John Crestani’s affiliate marketing course may be pricey, It’s very obvious that you get more than your money’s worth.

The program comes with tested templates proven to help Entrepreneurs create an online business of their own with more than 90% success-rate.

Is Super Affiliate System a Scam?

No! John Crestani himself is one of the lead campaigners against online scams. He even wrote a book about internet scams which he titled “Work at Home Secrets” . The book was featured on

While scammers are everywhere, it’s essential to know what scam systems look like or what they advocate. Which is why he wrote his book to help you recognize scams.

The Super Affiliate System isn’t some Ponzi scheme but a legit program that’s been in the market since 2015.

You might have come across John Crestani in a couple of videos, lavishing in one of his Lambos while marketing his affiliate marketing program and could have attracted worrying attention.

Just like most people, he likes what he has worked hard for, and isn’t afraid of showing it to the world.


Super Affiliate System

As a reputable online marketer, there are hundreds of positive reviews about John Crestani across the internet.

Provided you know what you want, and you’re ready to harness the power of affiliate marketing—you’ll be unstoppable with the Super Affiliate System program.

Besides his lively community and the active social media accounts, John Crestani YouTube account features several videos that will not only guide you into the world of affiliate marketing but also give you a hint on how it feels to achieve financial independence.

John Crestani’s course isn’t only an ultimate blueprint to success but a practical online marketing program you need to kick-start your home-based business.

His super affiliate system provides all the templates required to learn the secrets of affiliating marketing before earning from the promising niche.

” When nothing short of spectacular will do, choose to break through from the handcuffs of daily wages and the inconveniences of a 9-5 job by embracing an entrepreneurial mindset. “

John Crestani

Financial independence doesn’t get any better than making the right decisions and working on building a revenue portfolio that’s not necessarily dependent on your time and energy.

The Super Affiliate System by John Crestani is a great course, no doubt. And I sincerely believe that it should be the starting point for anyone looking to make money online without trials and errors.

If you decide to buy the course, you should know that there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee. So you are good hands.

The super affiliate system program offers two modes of payment for aspiring students. You can either choose to pay at once or spread it across the course duration for flexibility.

If you take action right now, you’ll save more than $3000 for a limited time! So if you are really serious about starting your own online business, John Crestani’s course is what I would recommend without even thinking about it.


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