3 Affiliate Marketing Courses To Avoid in 2021

​You probably know that affiliate marketing is an extremely lucrative way to make money from home. Indeed, it gives you absolute independence, frees you from most of the limitations of a traditional workplace, and gives a nice, potentially long-lasting passive income.

Now, you want to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, and you’re looking for guidance, a reliable method to walk you through the hoops, in which there are plenty in the affiliate marketing industry.

Frankly speaking, there is no shortage of affiliate marketing courses. You can always see various affiliate marketing resources touted here and there

The problem is, most of these courses are “work from home” scams. You can read about many affiliate marketing recourse online that are supposed to help you and even guarantee that you’ll become rich, but so many of them fail to deliver as promised.

Often filled with junk and useless info, they will make you lose money rather than make you money. Most are plain garbage not worthy of your attention. But wait, let’s actually see what options we have here.

Below are three famous courses that are NOT worth your money, and you should avoid really them.

1. 1k A Day Fast Track

Affiliate Marketing Courses to Avoid 1

This one is actually a high ticket affiliate marketing course, as evident from its price. You might think that an expensive course guarantees better results, but this is NOT always the case. And this is definitely not the case with 1K A Day Fast Track.

The package is incredibly overpriced for what you get. Worst of all, the central premise of the course is deceptive. No, it won’t help you make ‘1k a day’. The info provided in the course is simply insufficient.

It describes a single, particular and rudimentary strategy that does not even work today (at least in terms of profit). Even though you might find a few useful templates and snippets of info, they’re NOT worth the sum you’re supposed to pay for the whole course (about $1,000).

You can spend the same amount of money on something better and much more comprehensive. In other words, don’t fall for the hype.

2. 12 Minute Affiliate Marketing Course

12 minute affiliate course

This short course is supposed to give you a ‘plug-and-play’ profit system, at least so it claims. Of course, the promises sound very neat and beautiful — multiple streams of income, fast and easy set-up, quick results, daily profits.Nice things to have.

The sad truth is, none of that will come true. Nothing, nada. The information provided in the 12 Minute Affiliate course is incredibly shallow. It’s not even a complete, worked-out strategy, it’s just a collection of vague hints and tips.Here’s a comment from one of their students:

I signed up for 12 Minute Affiliate and spent the best part of 48 hours trying to access the membership without success.

I contacted customer support via email but still no access. Now, after 48 hours of time-wasting for this “Easy 12 minute program,” I have given up.

I am now going for a PayPal refund of my payment. Perhaps I was not meant to become a 12-Minute Member.

— Dave

​An advanced affiliate marketing course is not supposed to teach you how to daydream and fantasize, it’s supposed to give you tangible knowledge and real skills.

​3. ODi Production’s Affiliate Marketing Course

Odi's Production Affiliate Marketing Course

ODi’s affiliate marketing course claims that it can teach you everything. As it often happens, it can (and most likely will) teach you nothing.

There is one major problem that ODi Production’s affiliate marketing course suffers from: it is extremely generic and salesy — to the point that makes it useless.

ODi is known on Youtube for his “make money online” videos and has tried many different things, including teaching Facebook ads and Dropshipping.

The whole course looks like the combination of all his free videos with a few extras you can easily find via Google. He’s also very close with Kevin David, a popular YouTuber that is known to fake payment proofs and screenshots.

The author relies on a massive amount of abstract, generic, and deceptive language combined with low-effort copycat advice, which is not how real practical knowledge looks like if you ask me.

Which Course is Right?

The logical question is: What are the best affiliate marketing courses? Who can teach me real knowledge and, most importantly, the wisdom to succeed in affiliate marketing?

One man named John Crestani cracked that secret a long time ago. He is not only an example of a successful man, but he is also a brilliant guru in the true sense of this word: wise, understanding, and willing to share.

If you skip his proven affiliate marketing course ( Super Affiliate System ), you’ll miss out a lot — including the strategies and techniques that got him featured on Forbes Magazine, Business Insider, Clickbank, Inc., and Yahoo Finance.

The Super Affiliate System

​Let’s be honest: most affiliate courses simply cannot compete with the Super Affiliate System.

They lack the structure, beginner-friendliness, content, knowledge, and real, practical (working!) tips. Here’s what makes the Super Affiliate System a better option than other affiliate marketing courses out there:

A comfortable, professionally designed 6-week learning curve, a heavy focus on preselling: warm the visitor up! A broad selection of traffic generation methods to give you skills and ideas, and a verified master to teach & guide you every step of the way.

Let’s get real: there’s no fast and easy method. The fact that the Super Affiliate System teaches you over the course of 6 weeks is a major advantage that you won’t find elsewhere. And the real affiliate skills that you’ll acquire are far better than what you’ll get from any CPA affiliate marketing course.

John Crestani has a truly MASSIVE emphasis on preselling. Do you know why most affiliates fail? Because they don’t know how to presell. Most internet visitors are simply not ready to buy from you. You have to warm them up in advance.

That’s why the Super Affiliate System is a really superior package. It is well worth its price, and you’ll get PLENTY of info over the 6 weeks (which you can always get back to, by the way).

​Super Affiliate System ​by John Crestani

​Save more than $3000 when you use our special link today!

There are many ways to benefit from John Crestani’s rich experience in the affiliate marketing world. Your best bet would be to join his super affiliate system, obviously. But, not everyone can part with $997 easily, which is why I recommend you join his free affiliate marketing webinar instead.

​You can also read the full and detailed review of John Crestani’s affiliate marketing course here.

Clickbank Course (Clickbank University)

Clickbank has long been the leading affiliate platform for digital products like courses, software and guides. Without a doubt, you’ve probably heard of Clickbank whenever you talk about affiliate marketing.

Now that Clickbank has its own affiliate marketing course — Clickbank University, things got even better. You see, so many courses and guides claim to teach you how to master Clickbank.

But there’s no better way to learn how to master Clickbank than from Clickbank itself. They know their platform better than anymore. That’s why Clickbank University (CBU) is an excellent choice for anyone looking to master the art of affiliate marketing.

Clickbank University has other affordable courses that will help you master the most important areas of internet marketing. Here’s the breakdown below (Discounts applied):

​Clickbank University – Copywriting Course

​This course teaches 77 tips for writing successful copy! Taught by Clickbank’s top copywriter who has sold over $100M!

Clickbank University – Customer Research

​This course teaches how to research a market and choose a niche proven to convert!

​Clickbank University – YouTube Ads

​This course teaches YouTube paid advertising. Great for anyone wanting to learn about driving traffic!

You can click here to learn more about Clickbank University and the exciting lessons it has to offer.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read through my list of affiliate marketing courses to avoid in 2020.

I hope it will help you make informed-decision on the path to follow to achieve the life of your dreams.

So, is it possible to make money a little money with some of the courses on my blacklist?

I ​think ​if you can follow some of the steps, implement the advice given to you and pay for the traffic, then yes, it’s possible to make some money.

However, it might take a long time to ​see the results you want. 

As mentioned above, affiliate marketing, just like any other marketing tool, is a business model that takes time to learn. But the main reason why I recommend the Super Affiliate System so much is because it helps students beat that waiting time.

Unlike other affiliate marketing courses out there, the creator of the Super Affiliate System knows it doesn’t make sense to ask students to pay $997 and still expect them to pay for their ads and traffic. It is the reason why you get free advertising credits worth $1200+ to run real-life ads and generate traffic to your business.

If you are interested in other affiliate marketing articles, visit our blog to see more.

​Recommended Affiliate Marketing Courses

super affiliate system logo​Super Affiliate System​As one of the tested and accepted affiliate programs, the Super affiliate system is by far the most-detailed and result-oriented affiliate marketing course on the internet.
cbClickbank University​​There’s no better way to learn how to master Clickbank than from Clickbank itself. They know their platform better than anymore. ​

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