Best Website Designers in Lagos

3 Best Website Designers in Lagos, Nigeria

Getting the best website designers in Lagos can be very time-consuming because you have to sift through numerous web design companies to make the right decision.

Because hiring a cheap website designer means you will probably get a bad website to represent your business.

I fell victim to this before. Back In 2013, My aunt asked me to help her get a website designer in Lagos.

As a guru, lol, I typed “web design company near me” on Google, and voila, I got hit by many search results and plenty 5-star reviews from their previous clients (Are they even real?).

To cut this short story even shorter, I hired one from the list after reading some of the reviews.

The result was that I lost my aunt’s money and wasted a lot of time doing all sort of revisions on the pitiful site.

A Bad Experience

The experience was terrible, and with no extra money to hire someone else, I took it upon myself to design the website myself.

Firstly, I learned Joomla, then migrated to WordPress because of the excellent interface and ease of use.

After working on the project for more than a week (including sleepless nights), I finally presented the website to my aunt, and she loved it!

You’ve maybe felt that happy tingle in your heart before. To me, nothing beats seeing your creation put a smile on someone’s face.

I felt that happy tingle, and my confidence was through the roof.

That same month, I started my website design company, which I named; JIMOHWebDesign, a poor name, I know. lol

Well, JIMOHWebDesign is now a full-fledged digital marketing company in Nigeria called Tech O’Clock.

Back to Business

When compiling the list of top website designers in Lagos, I looked at four things;

  1. The company’s portfolio size.
  2. The interface of their clients’ website.
  3. The average speed of their projects (Speed can boost conversion rate).
  4. The company’s age.

It makes excellent sense to explain why I’ve decided to use the following criteria in selecting my best website designers in Lagos.

The Company’s Portfolio size.

By far, an essential aspect when selecting a website design agency or company in Lagos.

The portfolio tells a user what to expect when hiring a service, both online or offline.

It’s social proof of your experience level.

Although, I’d choose a website designer with a small and high-quality portfolio over a company with countless poorly-designed projects.

The Interface of the Clients Website

What is the primary purpose of any website? The answer is simple, to convert traffic into leads or customers.

And the best way to guarantee conversions is to provide an excellent user experience to your potential customers or prospects.

About two years ago, I lost my money to a scammer on OLX, and it was the second time.

Out of frustration, I wanted to try something new, so I checked out another classified ads website.

Would you believe that the website showed me its desktop version on my phone?

It was so hard to navigate on mobile that I had to switch back to OLX.

Which brings me to a valuable life lesson;

Always appreciate what you already have, because most of the time, the happiness we seek, is found in the things we ignore daily. So, be grateful.

JIMOH Ibraheem

An excellent user interface (UI) leads to outstanding user experience, and an engaging user experience leads to better conversions.

So when choosing the best website designers in Lagos for your next project, do not forget to look at how easy it is to get the information you need on their website.

The Website Speed

According to research by Google, the average user expects a website to fully-load in the first three seconds.

If you think that number is not achievable, check out the report of our site speed. 

Our website load time is 1.1 seconds!

Website speed is also part of user experience because no matter how beautiful your website looks or feels.

If it does not load on time, your prospects would close the tab and move on to the next site.

The Company’s Age

It would help if you did not use this as a significant ranking factor because we all know how it is in this modern world, and how technology has levelled the playing field.

Just because you’ve been doing something longer than someone else does not always mean you are the best in that field.

In my experience, most firms in the tech world find it hard to catch up with the latest changes and mostly stick to what has worked for them in the past, which is a terrible idea.

Imagine, in this modern age, you still use only CSS and HTML to create static websites for clients, and you call yourself a website designer.

When selecting firms in the tech world for your next project, do not choose ancient companies, because you will likely get old project designs.

Let now explore the list of the best website designers in Lagos below.

List of Best Website Designers in Lagos

Now that we know the criteria used in creating the list, let’s now list the top website designers in Lagos according to their veto power;

1. CKDigital – Website Designer in Lagos

CKDigital is one of the most popular companies in the Digital marketing industry. With a vast portfolio of about 400, they are a beast when it comes to branding.

But as you might have guessed, their price range is not something the average company would be able to afford.

But if you have a big purse and you are willing to use them, then, by all means, reach out to them.

Here’s an excerpt from their company’s profile;

CKDigital is a digital creative agency. We are a team of professionals passionate about what we do, and our culture of excellence is the primary factor that separates us from other firms.

At CKDIGITAL, we make a conscious effort in every project to exceed the expectations of our clients. Quality assurance and effective project management are some of our strengths.

CKDigital Company Profile

2. Tech O’Clock – Website Design Company in Lagos

That’s us!

You didn’t think we would create a post on choosing the best website designers in Lagos and not include our name, right?


Tech O’Clock is a Digital Marketing company in Nigeria that helps businesses reach their full potential in the Digital space, and we’ve been at it for more than five solid years.

We’ve also had the privilege of working with top clients such as the great Stephen AkintayoGL Consult, and many others.

Here’s an excerpt from our about page;

Our team develops effective content strategies for forward-thinking companies. We have a proven track record in creating beautiful websites as well as increasing online presence.

We work in areas as diverse as search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing and website development.

TOC Digital Company Profile

3. Anatech – Website Designers in Lagos

I’m a fan of Anatech when it comes to branding online. Although they are a new company compared to the items above, their designs are amazing, and most of their designs are unique.

Here’s a summary of their company profile;

Anatech is a Web design, and Digital Marketing Company located in Lagos Nigeria; furthermore, we have a great passion for helping Retail/Corporate Industries utilize the latest Software Technologies properly.

Finally, we ensure that we are developing according to your exact needs because we are the best Web Designers in Lagos, Nigeria.

Anatech Company Profile


That ends our list of best website designers in Lagos.

As a Digital Marketer, I strongly recommend you choose our firm for your next project because we know what makes the average Nigerian click, and others don’t.

It’s a bold claim, and we stand by it 100%.

Most website design companies in Nigeria collect your money to design an average website.

But the truth of the matter is that an average website won’t convert well.

At Tech O’Clock, we design websites with one thing in mind, and that is CONVERSION.

If you want me to audit your website for marketing and SEO optimizations, you can get a free audit of your website here.

Also, you can request an instant quote if you need pricing for your next project.

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